Meet the Hyde Park Team

Within our Hyde Park community, we’ve always understood the special relationship between watches and jewelry and life’s significant moments.  As we begin this next chapter as part of The 1916 Company, we look forward to celebrating your milestones together – in Denver, Scottsdale, Newport Beach, and all spaces between. With an unwavering dedication to exceptional service and stunning collections of timepieces and fine jewelry, we’re here to ensure these moments are nothing short of extraordinary.

Leadership Team

Hyde Park CEO, 1916 Company President

Damon Gross

Vice President of Stores

Kathy Harmon Dobos


Denver Boutiques Manager

Paulina Barabasz

Denver Store Manager

Margery Bubinak


Scottsdale Boutiques Manager

Kyle Rogers

Scottsdale Store Manager

Brandon Wishnoff

Newport Beach

Newport Store Manager

Mark Gavranovic

Contact Us

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