Natural Diamond Council



The Hyde Park Diamond Plus Program is our way of giving you the very best when you purchase a beautiful Hyde Park diamond.


With your purchase, you will receive: 

  • An insurance value document
  • 20% off wedding bands or engagement settings
  • Up to 12 months of 0% deferred interest with approved credit
  • Complimentary cleaning services
  • Complimentary 14k temporary proposal mounting ($450 value)
  • The opportunity to trade in your Hyde Park diamond and receive 100% of the original purchase price
  • Peace of mind that Hyde Park will refund your diamond purchase for any reason within 30 days of purchase

*Original diamond must be undamaged and trade in must be 50% greater in price. Diamond Plus Program does not apply to lab-grown diamonds. 


With your purchase, you will receive:

  • Lifetime stone check/tightening of prongs
  • Lifetime prong replacement
  • Lifetime head replacement
  • Lifetime rhodium maintenance for white gold
  • Lifetime statement of value
  • Lifetime diamond replacement in setting, up to .05 carat (excludes center diamond).

*The above lifetime warranties are based on normal wear & tear and manufacturer defects.



Cut refers to the proportions created when transforming a rough diamond into a polished diamond. Of the four C’s, cut has the most influence on a diamond’s brilliance, radiance and beauty. Round is the most brilliant shape and also has the most demanding cutting standards. When a diamond has been cut to ideal proportions by a master cutter, it will refract light internally from one facet to another and release light. The better the cut, the more light is released through the top of the diamond rather than the bottom.


To the untrained eye, most gem-quality diamonds appear colorless. But there are actually minuscule differences in the color of the diamonds. These variations are the result of trace elements that have combined with carbon during the diamond’s billion-year formation. Truly colorless diamonds are the most rare and exquisite of them all.


Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, from more traditional to more distinctive shapes. Each has defining characteristics and has something special to offer to its wearer. When selecting a diamond’s shape, the style preferences of its wearer are the most important considerations.


While many diamonds are incredibly beautiful, no two are alike. Most diamonds have inclusions, which are unique to each diamond.
Inclusions can be crystals or feathers that are generally not seen unless magnified.Clarity grades are determined by the size, color and location of inclusions. Diamonds with fewer, less visible inclusions receive higher grades, are more rare and have a greater value.


Engagement ring diamond settings are classified into eight styles:


The most obvious factor in determining a diamond’s value is its size. However, two diamonds of the same size can have significantly different values because of the other C’s explained in this guide. As with all precious gems, the weight or size of a diamond is measured in carats. For example, one carat is equal to 0.2 grams. When weighing a diamond, 1.00 carat is divided into 100 points; therefore, a diamond described as 25 points is 0.25 carat or a quarter of a carat. The larger the diamond, the more rare and valuable it is, resulting in a higher price-per-carat. For example, a two-carat diamond is more than twice as valuable as a onecarat diamond of the same quality and characteristics.


We only use ethically sourced or 100% recycled metals in our in-house manufacturing.

Hyde Park offers a range of precious and new-age metals. Many of our collections feature a combination of multiple metal families and a variety of colors.


Sustainably and Responsibly Sourced 

100% Recycled Gold Hyde Park Manufactured Collections


Conflict-Free Standards:
Hyde Park believes that gold must be a source of economic social development wherever it is found and that any possibility for gold to fund conflict must be eradicated.


Gold Colors:
When you mix metals like palladium or silver into Yellow Gold, it creates White Gold. Adding copper to yellow gold results in Rose Gold. Gold is also available in a spectrum of other colors including Green, Purple and Black.


Additional Metal Types:
Platinum: 95% Platinum and 5% Ruthenium
Palladium: 95% Palladium and 5% Ruthenium

Tungsten Carbide, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Damascus Steel, Ceramic,
Meteorite, Tantalum and Carbon Fiber: alternative metals which are
popular today.*

Rhodium Plating:

Rhodium is a metal from the platinum family and can
be applied in a thin layer to enhance the appearance of metal.

*Alternative metal rings cannot be sized and are only available in whole or half sizes.


Hyde Park will not sell diamonds that are:

Laser Drilled
Stones enhanced by burning a microscopic hole in the diamond and
then boiling the diamond in acid to remove black inclusions.

Fracture Filled
Stones with an open inclusion that is filled with silicone and plastics to
hide the fracture.

Full disclosure: Hyde Park does sell select styles that feature black diamonds, which may be treated. This will always be disclosed to you.


We are not satisfied until you are.

There are just 6 steps to the ring of your dreams, whether shopping online or in-store:

1. Design Concept
Gather pictures, examples and ideas, then schedule an appointment with a
member of Hyde Park’s Design Team.

2. Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Hyde Park’s Design Team will construct a computer rendering based on your
design concept.

3. Wax Model
A wax model of your design is created, showing details of how the metal will be
cast and where stones will be set.

4. Casting
Rough metal is cast in your desired choice of precious metal: platinum,
palladium, or 19K gold*.

5. Polishing
Rough metal is polished to perfection according to your preferred finish:
brushed (matte) or polished (shiny).

6. Setting
Stones are precisely set into finished metal, and your one-of-a-kind jewelry
creation is now a reality.

*Hyde Park’s 19K gold is a proprietary formula which maintains superior luster, strength, and beauty.




Hyde Park Standards:


At Hyde Park, we have always sought the most exquisite fine jewelry collections in the world. From luxurious designer jewelry to Swiss timepieces and brilliant gemstones, our philosophy has always been to pursue designs that reflect the styles of our clients, whether modest or extravagant. We have a passion for fine jewelry. As you’ll soon discover, we are also completely enchanted by the beauty and magic of diamonds. That’s why we only buy the most beautiful diamonds.


When you purchase from Hyde Park, you will be confident in knowing your diamond has been sourced from a conflict-free mine, in accordance with the Kimberly Process. This initiative is used to control and account for clean, conflict-free diamonds throughout the producing, cutting and selling process.


Hyde Park has a legacy of providing support for nonprofit organizations and
engaging with civic institutions in the cities and communities in which we
operate. Our business is guided by the belief that a successful company
has a responsibility to the greater community.

By supporting nonprofit organizations, Hyde Park seeks to build strong
relationships in our local communities and to support organizations that
work to make these communities better places to live.

Contributing to these initiatives through both direct giving, as well as
through its own established Diamonds in the Rough Foundation,
Hyde Park invests in organizations working in a variety of fields: children’s
well-being and growth, health and human services, the environment
and other civic organizations.