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What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

Diamonds are known for their charming and reflective beauty. This beauty results from band of colors from refraction, reflection or dispersion when light hits the gem. These optical properties define the value, beauty, and by extension, the market price of the diamond.

What is Diamond Sparkle?

Diamond sparkles are the spectral hues that result from light performance. When light hits the diamond's surface, it penetrates at a relatively low speed, reflects within the diamond, bounces around and ultimately reflects into the eyes of the viewer.

This light that bounces back from the diamond is known as diamond sparkle. The magnitude of the sparkle depends on various factors such as quality of cut, locations, size of the diamond and shapes of the facets.

What Makes a Diamond Sparkle?

Diamonds don't sparkle brightly or produce light naturally-there is some science behind their beautiful brilliance. The nature and quality of sparkle they produce depend on:

Cut Quality

The quality of diamond cut directly affects the amount of light it reflects. Poorly cut diamonds usually have a low degree of shine and reflection compared to properly cut ones. Too shallow or too deep cuts also impact the amount of light penetrating the gem and getting reflected to the viewer.


At its most basic definition, facets are flat surfaces of a diamond arranged in a geometrical pattern. When perfectly cut by experts, facets reflect plenty of light, causing beautiful optical effects on the surface of the gemstone. As the light gets into the diamond, it is divided into different spectral lines and then reflected by the physical facets in different directions.


The contrast in this realm refers to the difference between white and black areas when light hits diamond surfaces. Diamonds with significantly less contrast have fewer black patterns, while those with more contrast will likely have more scintillation-a play of shadows and lights in a diamond.


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