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What Is Diamond Brilliance?

What Is Diamond Brilliance?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

Diamond brilliance greatly affects the sparkle of a diamond. It is the brightness that is reflected from a diamond when it is near light. Diamond brilliance can add additional value to diamond jewelry pieces. Yet, what exactly is diamond brilliance, and how does it affect a diamond? Read on to learn more about the significance of diamond brilliance.

What Is Brilliance In A Diamond?

When a diamond is observed in light, a sparkle or glimmer of white light can be seen as the diamond is rotated. This light or sparkle is what is known as diamond brilliance. Diamond brilliance is the reflecting white light, in which bounces off the cuts or facets made in a stone. The light then produces a beautiful sparkle or glitter that makes the stone more appealing and desirable.

What Affects Diamond Brilliance?

There are several things that can affect the overall brilliance of a diamond. The following are the top four factors that have a large effect on the overall brilliance:

Diamond Cut Grade

Diamonds are given cut grades according to the amount of depth, symmetry, table percentage, and even polish. The better the cut grade a diamond has will determine the amount of brilliance a specific diamond will show. If the cut grade is lower, the diamond will appear dull, with poor brilliance and sparkle.

Amount Of Facets

Another factor that influences the brilliance of a diamond is the amount of facets it has. Facets are made in a diamond to help refract the light that enters into the stone. This, in turn, helps the light to be reflected back to the viewer, making for a dazzling, white light display as it rotates.

Quality Of Diamond

The quality of a diamond is another aspect to consider, as it can either hinder or intensify a diamond's brilliance. The four C's of a diamond (cut, clarity, color, and carat) all impact how much brilliance will be displayed. Yet, if these aspects are on a lower scale, the diamond brilliance cannot fully shine at a high-quality level.


The amount of diamond brilliance relies heavily on how light enters into a diamond. However, a significant imperfection or blemish can cause light to break-up, causing a lack or uneven disperse of diamond brilliance. It can even make the imperfection slightly more noticeable. A good idea is to ask your jeweler for assistance in what imperfections you should look out for.

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