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What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

When it comes to exploring rings from a different time, there are softer looks to discover. Have you ever heard of an antique cut diamond? These are elegant and sparkling. Ultimately, gem lovers search for a diamond that shines brightly and has a very striking presence.

What Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

Between the 1800s and early 1900s, diamonds were well-revered. The Old Mine Cut Diamond was manually shaped and polished. Typically, the Old Mine Cut adorned the finger of an engaged woman. Victorian era jewelry had a square shape and appeared similar to the modern brilliant diamond.

Why Is It Called An “Old Mine Cut”?

When diamonds were discovered in mines in Africa during the early 1800s, the term was coined. Prior to that, old mine cut diamonds only existed in India and Brazil. As a result, gemologists and jewelers coined the term to distinguish South African stones from those found in old mines in India and Brazil.

Characteristics Of An Old Mine Cut Diamond

  • Shape - Shaped squarely, with slightly rounded corners.
  • Table - Viewed from above, the old mine cut diamond appears to have a small table.
  • Culet - It has a huge culet visible through the table, making it stand out.
  • Facets - There are 58 large facets that produce a unique fire. They were cut so that they would glow in the candlelight. The lower facets are short, however, due to the large culet.
  • Crown and pavilion - There is a high crown at the top of the girdle, and a deep pavilion at its bottom.
  • Symmetry - Due to the hand cutting, the diamond has imperfect facets with asymmetrical shapes.

Where To Shop For Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Antique cuts have an old-fashioned appeal, which transfers to the present day. A timeless beauty such as the Old Mine Cut Diamond pleases anyone with an eye for vintage charm.

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