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What Is A Salt and Pepper Diamond?

What Is A Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

Due to their unique appearance and affordability, salt and pepper diamonds are becoming more popular. In this blog we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about salt and pepper diamonds.

What To Look For When Buying A Salt And Pepper Diamond

When buying a salt and pepper diamond, you need to ensure that the quality of the diamond is top-notch by accessing the grading using the 4Cs clarity, color, cut, and carat


A salt and pepper diamond is graded according to its translucency since it has inclusions. The higher the translucency, the more it will cost.


Salt and pepper diamonds appear in various colors, black white or gray. The color ranges from colorless to milky. The darker the inclusions are, the darker the diamond will appear.


Salt and pepper diamonds are cut with a flatter shape as the many inclusions in the diamond do not refract the light. The common cuts are; rose cut, oval, round, and pear.


Just like all other types of diamonds, Salt and pepper diamonds cost more as their weight increases.

Although, salt and pepper diamonds do differ from traditional diamonds because they have a much lower price tag per carat.

Why Choose a Salt and Pepper Diamond

There has been a rapid increase in popularity of the salt and pepper diamond. Here are some advantages of buying a salt and pepper diamond.

  • They are affordable
  • Each diamond has a unique appearance
  • Having a Mohs hardness rating of ten, they are highly durable
  • They are environmentally friendly. Salt and pepper diamonds occur naturally and do not negatively impact the environment.

How to Take Care of a Salt and Pepper Diamond

Just like any diamond, you should take care of your salt and pepper diamond.

All you will need is a monthly cleaning to remove dust build-up and enhance the clarity. Since Salt and Pepper Diamonds do not need much maintenance, they are ideal for a wide range of jewelry fans.

Where Can I Buy a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Salt and pepper diamonds should be bought from a jeweler with a good reputation. Look for jewelers who have good reviews or search the internet for recommendations.

Bottom Line

Salt and pepper diamonds appear with a unique flair compared to the other diamonds. If you are thinking of surprising your partner with a stunning engagement ring, then a salt and pepper diamond is a great option.

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