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What Is A Composite Diamond?

What Is A Composite Diamond?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

Are you searching for a large diamond ring that is not too expensive? A composite diamond ring could be the way out. These stunning engagement rings provide the same glitter and attraction as a large diamond.

Composite diamonds are cost-effective for buyers on a lower budget.

What Are Composite Diamonds?

Composite diamonds are multiple small diamonds that have been carefully positioned together to create a larger-looking diamond. They may be set in such a manner to give the appearance of a single stone or laid out in a design to enhance their beauty or sparkle.

History Of Composite Diamonds

Since 1990 composite diamonds have existed, but they attained popularity in the U.S. later in 2003, when De Beers began their Forevermark jewelry company. They used both composite and accent stones as center stones.

Are Composite Diamonds Real?

Composite diamonds can be created out of natural diamonds. They also feature simulants such as moissanite, glass, cubic zirconia, orstrontium titanate.

Although they don't have the same physical characteristics as a natural diamond, they still provide a shiny, brilliant appearance as an accessory.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Composite Diamonds

In comparison to the classic diamond ring, composite diamonds have many advantages and disadvantages.


They Have An Affordable Price

They are usually much more cost-effective than solitaire diamond rings because they are created of numerous small diamonds that are lower in carat weight. A diamond's value is based on quality, determined by the 4Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. So lower carat weight plays a role in reducing the price.

They Appear Like A Single Diamond

Composite diamonds of matching colors and are tightly bound together mimic the appearance of a larger stone.

They Have Combining Ability

Another benefit of composite diamonds is the potential to use other gems such as moissanite, cubic zirconia, or other diamond simulants apart from natural diamonds.

They Come In A Range Of Designs

A composite diamond ring consists of not less than two or three colorless diamonds. However, there's a wide variety of designs that include various colors and placements of diamonds.

The aim of this design is not to mimic a solitaire diamond. A notably trendy design includes a central colored gem surrounded by colorless diamonds.

They Are Ideal For Casual Wear

Composite diamond jewelry is regarded as more casual in style than solitaire diamonds.

They add a special touch to your other jewelry options. You can combine styles with these jewelry gems.


They Involve Future Repair Costs

Such a design requires attentive insertion of the individual gem into the setting. Finding a diamond that perfectly complements the lost one will be difficult if one comes out. You will be required to pay extra to cut a new diamond of the correct size.

They Have Complicated Maintenance

For nearly all jewelers, It is simpler to clean one large diamond in contrast to multiple small ones; therefore, it will be difficult to clean a composite diamond with numerous small gems.

They Don't Come With Certifications

Composite diamonds are tiny enough not to account for accreditation, and many jewelers won't try to accept diamonds less than one carat. So the consumer can't be sure of their 4-Cs or any other metric.

They Won't Retain Their Value

Diamonds generally devalue the second you purchase them. Future value can be limited with multiple diamonds in various sizes compared to a single diamond. Moreover, there's typically little market for this kind of diamond.

Light Production

Even though composite diamonds can be arranged in a way to enhance their light performance and brilliance, they still fall short of the reflection and brilliance of a single gem.

The solitaire diamond's bigger surface area provides exceptional light reflection, refraction, and dispersion. However, Composite diamonds are too tiny; they can only reflect light.

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Although the price is the main benefit of composite diamonds, they are also suited for casual and formal wear, as they provide unique designs while adding a special touch.

Suppose you're interested in learning more or have questions regarding composite diamonds; here at Hyde Park Jewelers, we are glad to assist you in understanding and finding what you need. Contact us today for more information.