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What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

How long have you been trying to distinguish between natural and clarity-enhanced diamonds and can't tell which is which? Often, you find yourself doubting the authenticity of this type of diamond based on its description. Either way, it is essential to note that clarity-enhanced diamonds are still authentic and precious.

A clarity-enhanced diamond is a natural diamond that has been modified to be more appealing to the eye and resemble the initially clear diamond. Before the clarity is enhanced, foreign particles are stuck in the diamond, so to make them more attractive, the inclusions are covered using modern-day techniques.

How Is A Diamond Enhanced?

By being enhanced, it means that the clarity is improved as the inclusions are covered up. Two types of enhancements can be made to a diamond. That is color enhancement and clarity enhancement.

  1. Color Enhancement – This entails enhancing a diamond to a preferable color. To achieve this enhancement, the diamond is masked with an ultra-thin layer of chemicals or a lab-grown diamond coating film using high-pressure, high-temperature treatment technology (HPHT).
  2. Clarity Enhancement - This enhances a diamond to improve its clarity by reducing its structural flaws.

Notably, a clarity-enhanced diamond has inclusions embedded in them; however, cutting-edge techniques are used to make them less visible.

Types Of Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

There are two common forms of clarity enhancement:

  • Laser drilling – This enhancement is achieved by drilling through the diamond using laser technology to remove dark inclusions.
  • Fracture filling – This form of enhancement is achieved by injecting a glass-like chemical substance into the diamond's fracture to make it less visible, enhancing its overall appearance.

How Valuable Is A Clarity-Enhanced Diamond?

Clarity-enhanced diamonds have several advantages compared to lab-grown and 100% natural diamonds.

  • Clarity-enhanced diamonds are cheaper compared to natural diamonds that cost relatively higher.
  • Clarity-enhanced diamonds have a higher carat weight than other types of diamonds, particularly the 100% natural ones.
  • Clarity-enhanced diamonds are long-lasting, like the 100% natural diamonds, and last longer than lab-grown diamonds.
  • The enhancements on the inclusions are permanent; thus, one does not need to worry about returning to the jeweler to have the inclusions covered again.
  • Clarity-enhanced diamonds are cheaper to clean at various jeweler shops than 100% natural diamonds that require more precision.
  • Clarity-enhanced diamonds are on the verge of becoming a popular accessory globally, courtesy of their relatively lower price.

Parting Shot

Overall clarity enhanced diamonds are original diamonds that have gone through specific procedures to ensure the color and clarity of the diamond are restored and are at par with the 100% natural diamonds.

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