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What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

The quality of a diamond depends on its clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. All these factors affect the value and the appearance of a diamond. However, carat weight is the biggest determinant of the diamond's overall appearance. This means that certain shapes tend to look bigger than others. Hence, elongated diamond shapes like oval diamonds, Radiant-cut diamonds, and Emerald-cut diamonds look bigger than other shapes.

Similarly, there are several ways to make your diamond look bigger. They include:

Different Ways To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Prioritize On The Cut

The cut of a diamond greatly affects its overall appearance. The cut is the method by which a diamond is polished and shaped. More-or-less, a diamond's cut is the determining factor of its brightness.

The higher the grade on the cut scale, the more expensive the diamond. However, the benefits of investing in a well-cut diamond outweigh the cost. A well-cut diamond optimally reflects light. Therefore, a well-cut diamond will appear bigger than a poorly-cut diamond with the same carat weight.

Go With A Slim Setting

A setting is a structure that holds a diamond in place. Settings come in different shapes, metals, and styles. Therefore, figuring out what setting looks best with your diamond is vital. A slim setting will slim down the diamond and make it appear bigger than a setting with thick sides. Thin settings are preferred for long diamond shapes like Emerald-cut diamonds. However, they are also a good choice for short diamond shapes like Square diamonds, Princess-cut diamonds, and Pear diamonds.

Choose Your Diamond Shape Wisely

Certain diamond shapes appear bigger than others. Oval and Radiant-cut diamonds are usually set with a slim shank on either side. This gives the impression of length, making the diamond look larger. Square diamonds, Pear diamonds, and Princess diamonds are usually set with the shank running down the side. This gives the impression of width, making the diamond look smaller.


In conclusion, if you have a big budget, you can increase the carat weight to make your diamond appear bigger. Alternatively, you can enhance your setting or the diamond shape to make your diamond look bigger. With so many things to consider when buying a diamond, contact us and get a diamond buying guide.