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Lab Diamonds Vs. Real Diamonds

Lab Diamonds Vs. Real Diamonds

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

Created diamonds and natural diamonds are almost the same in appearance. It is difficult to tell them apart from the naked eye.

Created or lab-grown diamonds are grown in a process that utilizes advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated technology to recreate conditions similar to nature’s force exerted over a billion years approximately 100 miles underground, ultimately creating a diamond in a few weeks. In comparison, natural diamonds produced far below the earth's surface take billions of years of intense heat and pressure caused by carbon.

How To Differentiate Lab Grown Diamonds From Real Diamonds

Created and natural diamonds have so many similarities that you would find it difficult to tell them apart. However, with the following factors, you can tell them apart.

The Price

Natural diamonds are more expensive because of their rarity, and the years it takes to make one. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are slightly less costly they are of a renewable resource.

The Clarity

Created diamonds contain many inclusions that affect the clarity of the diamond. The more inclusions the diamond has, the cloudier it becomes, and the clarity becomes very low. On the other hand, a natural diamond does not contain many inclusions, so its clarity is higher.

Using a Loupe

A loupe with a tiny laser inscription identifies the diamond as lab-grown or natural. You cannot tell the two apart with a standard loupe with no laser inscription.

When shopping for a diamond, go to a jewelry shop with a loupe with a laser inscription so you can tell the two apart.

Should I Get a Real Diamond or a Lab Diamond?

You can choose a natural or lab diamond, depending on what you love. When selecting a diamond, consider your budget, your preference, that of your partner, and its durability.

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