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How To Clean Diamond Earrings

How To Clean Diamond Earrings

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

Every girl needs some diamond earrings in their wardrobe. Not just because diamond earrings go with every outfit, but because they send out a message of style and class. At the same time, you have to take care of your diamond earrings if you want them to maintain their sparkle.

To save on money, it is better to clean your diamond earrings at home using some warm water and polish. You can use an easy DIY method, and your earrings will be clean and sparkly in no time!

Below are the steps for cleaning your diamond earrings at home:

Make a mixture of warm water and soap

Put warm water in a bowl and add unscented soap or washing-up liquid. The soap has to be unscented so that no fragrances could lead to corrosion of the diamond earrings.

Ensure the bowl is on a flat surface so that you do not lose your earrings in case of spillage.

Put your diamond earrings in the water

Put your diamond earrings in the water and mix the solution. Remember, mix the solution while your earrings are in the water. After some time, any dirt that was on your diamond earrings will float to the surface of the water.

Leave the earrings in the water for around 20- 30 minutes. Mix the water gently from time to time in the 30-minute duration.

Remove the earrings and scrub them using a toothbrush

Once the 30 minutes are done, gently remove your earrings from the water and use a children's toothbrush or any toothbrush with soft bristles to scrub any remaining dirt you see.

You can dip the earrings in water and scrub them if there is a lot of lingering dirt or residue.

Rinse the earrings using warm water

Once you have removed all the dirt, put some clean, warm water in a bowl and rinse your earrings.

Dry the earrings using a dry cloth

Once you have rinsed your diamond earrings, put them on a clean piece of cloth and dry them gently so that you don't break them.

Your diamond earrings are now as clean as you bought them!

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