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How Should Engagement Rings Fit?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 7th Dec 2022

Both your engagement ring and your wedding band should fit the same, ideally, it would be snug but comfortable. The rings should slide on easily but provide a little bit of a pull when you try and take them off.

Tips Making Sure Your Engagement Ring Fits

  • The size of your ring is normally based on how it works over your knuckle since the knuckle is the largest part of your finger.
  • To size your ring, measure once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night. This will account for the natural swelling in your fingers
  • The width of the band you choose will also impact the sizing of your rings. If you plan on stacking your rings, this will affect how the rings fit.
  • Size your finger at a professional jeweler or a jewelry store. They have the proper sizing tools to make sure that you get the ring that fits properly.

It is ideal for the ring to sit snugly between the second and third knuckle on the left hand, with the center diamond sitting in the middle of your finger. If the center diamond rolls around too much then you could be looking at a ring that is too large.

Different Bands, Different Sizes

Many traditional engagement rings have thinner bands, but it is possible to have wider bands for an engagement ring. A thinner engagement ring will feel like it fits looser than a wider band of the same size. This is because there is less metal in the thinner band than in the wider band.

Should The Ring Feel Tight?

While a loose ring is never a problem, a tight ring can cause some serious problems. A ring that is too tight can cause discomfort, indentations in the skin, and even circulation issues in your hands. Stacked rings will make your rings feel tighter, so it is best to go up a half size. The same rule applies to wider band rings as well. Go up a half size if you plan to have a wider band.

What If Your Ring Is Too Big?

In the event that your ring is too big, size assistants can help fix the problem, in the event that you cannot resize your ring. If you notice that your ring slides a little or has wiggle room from side to side, then you may need a size assistant. A size assistant is either a bar or small beads that will decrease the size of your rings. These are added to the interior of the ring. These two devices are commonly used on rings that are top-heavy or have a larger diamond on top. When you add beads to your ring, it helps anchor the ring to your finger so that the diamond on top will not sway back and forth.

If the ring is too large or too small, rings can be resized up to two sizes. Anything more than that will put too much pressure on the metal.


An engagement ring should fit snugly on the ring finger between the second and third knuckles. Your rings should not feel too tight so that you can avoid discomfort and potentially cutting off circulation. Your rings should also not be too loose because you run the risk of losing your ring if they slip off. Contact us today to properly size your finger for your engagement ring.