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Do Gold Chains Hold Value?

Do Gold Chains Hold Value?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewlers on 5th Jan 2023

Gold chains are a great investment because they do an excellent job of retaining their value over time. Gold jewelry has been popular for thousands of years, and while that popularity has risen and fallen depending on specific decades, gold has generally retained its value.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly a gold chain is before diving into how it’s made, what gives it value if it can lose its value, and whether gold-plated chains have the same worth,

What Is A Gold Chain?

Gold chains are a kind of jewelry that is made up of dozens of tiny gold links. They can be incredibly simple and classic or more complex, depending on the specific kind of chain you have. Some of the most popular pattern types for gold chains include box chains, cable chains, wheat chains, and herringbone chains.

Most often, gold chains are worn around the neck, but they can also be used in bracelets, on wristwatches, or other kinds of jewelry.

How Are Gold Chains Made?

Gold chains are made using very precise processes. First, small pieces of gold must be melted down and then shaped into links with specific casting machines. Then, these links must be joined together with the assistance of certain tools known as punch presses. These links are then continually combined until the desired length and pattern are achieved.

What Gives Gold Chains Their Value?

The primary source of value in a gold chain comes from the raw material used to make them. Gold is a precious metal because it is limited in quantity and cannot be made by man. It has been used for thousands of years as both a form of jewelry or decoration and as currency.

Do Gold Chains Lose Their Value?

It is very unlikely that a real gold chain will ever lose its value. Gold is an investment, no matter what form it comes in, and gold chains are no different. Unlike other jewelry-related purchases like lab-grown diamonds, gold is not projected to lose its value over time.

This is partially thanks to supply and demand–with gold being a limited resource, it has more value than something that can be made nearly indefinitely in a lab.

Does Gold-Plated Jewelry Have The Same Value?

Unlike real gold chains, gold-plated jewelry does not have any real value. Remember that the value of a gold chain comes from the gold itself–with gold-plated chains, the amount of real gold in the piece is significantly lessened as the gold merely covers the nickel or copper structure that makes up the body of the piece.

Any of the gold plating that can be removed from the chain will have value, but not enough that it would be worth much.

Key Takeaways

Gold chains are an excellent investment option because they do not lose their value over time. Gold in general has been considered a valuable resource for thousands of years, so it would be very surprising if it ever lost its value.

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