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Can You Turn White Gold Into Yellow Gold?

Can You Turn White Gold Into Yellow Gold?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

So you want to know if white gold can be turned into yellow gold? Hmm, good question, let's find out. So when you think of gold, most people likely think of yellow gold. But recently, "white gold", which is gold that's been altered to appear white, has grown in popularity and is now the second most popular gold purchased. White gold is only second to yellow gold, with rose gold a close third.

Did you know that the creation of white gold was actually adopted in the 1920s as a way to mimic platinum, but for less? Although white gold is popular, there are some who still prefer the classic look of yellow-gold. So what is white gold?

What Is White Gold?

In order to know if white gold can be transformed into yellow gold, you should first know how white gold is created. White gold is not naturally found like yellow gold is. Silver and white metals, known as palladium and nickel, substantially lighten the appearance of the gold while still maintaining enough to still be regarded as gold. In some instances, white gold may be plated in rhodium for a whiter and purer look.

White gold is for the most part less pure than yellow gold, as yellow gold is normally around 24-karat while white gold is oftentimes nearer to 14-karat. As a result of the methods used to create white gold, white gold is almost always less pure than yellow gold.


White gold is a variety of 14-karat gold and is not pure. Whereas yellow gold is 24-karat pure and more expensive.


People known as "metal crafters" bleach the gold by adding palladium or nickel to the pure gold, with rhodium being used to plate some for a whiter look and a more expensive price tag.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold can consist of just pure gold, meaning 24-karat or a lower 14-karat quality where other metals are included.

Can You Transform White Gold Into Yellow Gold?

Yes, yellow gold can be transformed into white gold. But, white gold cannot be changed back into yellow gold without first melting the gold and removing all other alloys. Although it can be plated with yellow gold for a yellow appearance.

Can White Gold be Reverted to Yellow Gold?

Simply put, no, but technically, yes. You see, it is a very challenging process to revert white gold back to yellow gold. While technically, it is possible to get rid of the white alloys that afford white gold its color, it's likely not feasible. In order to remove the white from white gold, as mentioned earlier, the gold would have to be melted down and extracted very carefully all the gold alloys that are not gold. Next, the gold would need to be solidified and reshaped. It's easier to remove the rhodium plating, but a lot of rhodium-treated gold contains palladium and/or nickel. Rhodium plating is not a unique method for making white gold, it's just an additional measure.


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