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Can My Ring Be Resized?

Can My Ring Be Resized?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 5th Jan 2023

If you own a ring that doesn’t quite fit right, you may be wondering whether it can be resized. Well, usually most rings can be resized up or down to better fit their wearer’s hand.

However, resizing must be considered on a case-by-case basis because some ring and band types are not able to be successfully resized.

Let’s take a look at how your ring should ideally fit before diving into which rings can be resized and what you can do if your piece is ineligible for resizing.

How Your Ring Should Fit

Any ring you wear should fit both snugly and comfortably on your hand. It needs to be able to glide on easily, but not slide around once it’s on. If your ring has trouble sliding over your knuckle, it may be too tight. However, if it slides over too easily, it may be too loose.

And while you may think that having a slightly loose ring isn’t much of a problem, you need to be aware that if it slides around at all, you may be in danger of losing it in the course of your daily activities. Additionally, the gem or setting may slide around your finger and not sit in place which can become quite uncomfortable.

What Rings Can Be Resized?

For a ring to be eligible for resizing, it must be made of a kind of metal that a jeweler can easily work with. These metals typically include silver, gold, and platinum. Metals like tungsten and titanium may not be able to be resized by most jewelers.

Additionally, the more plain your band is, the better chance it has of being successfully resized. If your band is inlaid with gemstones or consists of an intricate pattern of any kind, there may not be enough bare metal for a jeweler to work with, and the ring may not be able to be resized.

What To Do If My Ring Can’t Be Resized

If your ring is too tight, and cannot be resized, there are few options available to you. Some choose to wear their ring on a smaller finger while others elect to string the piece on a necklace or similar alternative piece of jewelry to keep it close.

If the ring is too loose, you may still be able to wear it on your hand, but you will need to wear a tighter-fitting ring above it in a stack. That way, the tighter ring should be able to hold the larger one in place. Note that this may not work with all ring types.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking to resize a ring, you may have a few options available to you if your ring fits within the required specifications for a successful resizing. Most of the time, rings can be resized with no damage done to the original piece, but make sure to carefully consult with your jeweler before having any changes made to the ring to ensure it will be the best option for you.

If you need to resize a ring or have any further questions about the resizing process, please reach out to our skilled jewelry experts. We’re always happy to help!