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Can Diamond Rings Get Wet?

Can Diamond Rings Get Wet?

Posted by Hyde Park Jewelers on 14th Nov 2022

Yes, Diamonds can safely get wet. But unfortunately, the water we usually use at home is contaminated with many chemicals and impurities that may eventually damage your gem. The purity level of water that gets into contact with your gem determines the kind and extent of damage to your diamond ring.

The Effects of Water on Your Diamond Rings

Swimming Pool and Bathroom Water

Swimming pool water contains high levels of chlorine and other cleaning chemicals. Diamonds are not damaged by chlorine. However, chlorine may damage the metal that holds your diamond gem in place. The chemicals are known to strip gold, copper, and silver plating, causing the ring to appear dull over time.

Salty Water

Salty or hard water is common in municipal water supply systems. Salt comes from dissolved minerals, such as sodium and magnesium chloride. These chemicals are likely to cause the gem to lose its brilliance. Note that brilliance is the shine that comes with a well-polished diamond stone. You may have to pay to have a professional polish it again.

Washing Your Hands

The chemicals in the soap are usually gentle on your hands. They are less likely to cause any damage to the ring or the stone. However, soap may leave some gunk and dirt around your ring. These particles cover the stone and make it less shiny. It is good practice to remove the ring, especially when the hands are soiled, and you need a good lather to remove dirt.

In the same breath, avoid applying hand cream, lotions, and beauty products to your hands with the ring on. They leave residues that will need cleaning to remove.

Hot Water

Diamonds can withstand hot water without a problem. However, given that the water is not pure, you will likely notice the gem gets cloudy and must be cleaned regularly. So, avoid putting it in hot water.

Diamonds may or may not become wet, depending on the water in which they are placed. While occasional dips may not damage the ring, make sure to remove it, especially when staying in water for extended periods.

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