Pearls are one of the most fascinating choices around which to craft stunning jewelry.


Every day, every place, and every occasion provides the perfect reason for a woman to wear pearls. Yesterday they complimented the whiteness of a wedding gown. Today they contrast smartly with business blue or black. Tomorrow they will add brightness or color to earth-toned casuals at lunch and add the final touch to formal wear at the theater. Pearls are second nature to the well-dressed woman.

It's not surprising, this love affair between women and pearls. These mysterious orbs have charmed women -and men- for millennia. Today, a lovely strand of classic Akoya pearls serves as a reminder of the landmark occasions of our lives, each pearl a glistening and perfect moment, linked together in a string of days.

What landmark occasion or special event isn't appropriate for a strand of classic pearls? Pearls have an elegant versatility that makes them right for every moment worth remembering. No other jewel is as personal or emotional. Pearls even warm to your touch. They feel so comfortable against your skin that you may never want to take them off. As women seize more opportunities and realize more responsibilities, pearls become the jewel with which they mark every new vista of status and every new realm of success. That's because the pearl world has expanded its horizons, too. More exotic varieties, lush colors, and beautiful modern jewelry designs mean you can find the perfect way to express your own individual passion for pearls.

Pearl Landing