Our History

In 1976, Michael Pollak and Steve Rosdal joined forces in Denver, Colorado, as Native American jewelry traders. This entrée into the jewelry business parlayed into the successful venture called Hyde Park Jewelers, which today is one of the top 25 independent jewelers in the nation. Their story is a true "local boys make good in the west" tale.


Both partners had plans of pursuing careers in science - Michael as a doctor and Steve as a veterinarian. Michael decided he liked "stuff" better than science and abandoned his original plans, completing his degree in retail merchandising instead at the University of Denver. Steve, a graduate of Cornell, was trading turquoise and silver jewelry in Denver, traveling between Colorado and New Mexico while buying from the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Reservations. The two met through a mutual acquaintance and Pollak began buying pieces from Steve which he would then sell on the campus of University of Denver.

After graduation, Michael joined Steven in business and in 1972, the started the Turquoise Trading Company. Two years later they opened a manufacturing company in Albuquerque called the Silver Creek Company, which employed 60 people making silver jewelry. They had also become national distributors of the Alaska Silver and Ivory Company, which specialized in scrimshaw and Northwest art.

In 1976, recognizing the fading popularity of the already over-supplied silver and turquoise market, they decided to approach the market differently and selected a more contemporary approach to business. The store they envisioned would be far different from any located in Denver at the time. They decided on the name "Hyde Park" since they both had connections to historic Hyde Park districts. It was also a name with international flavor - conjuring up images of famous Hyde Parks throughout the world - and felt it spoke of quality, an integral part of Michael & Steven's vision. The duo opened Hyde Park in Denver's Tamarac Square Shopping Center with 2 employees. The most expensive piece of jewelry sold their first year was $300.

Inspired by the opportunity to acquire precious jewels from around the world which were otherwise not available in the Colorado market, Michael & Steven traveled throughout parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, to develop relationships with designers, artisans and esteemed manufacturing houses. Over the decades, Hyde Park has developed lasting relationships of trust, fairness, quality and integrity throughout the world. These traditions remain the foundation of Hyde Park's reputation with clients and its resources.

Today, Hyde Park operates in three locations - Denver, Las Vegas, and Phoenix - and is consistently recognized as one of the leading independent jewelers in the nation. The company remains headquartered in Denver, Colorado with its flagship store in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, showcasing the Rocky Mountain Region's largest collections of designer jewels, Swiss watches and bridal jewelry. In 1996, Hyde Park opened a store at The Forum Shops in Las Vegas and in 2003, Hyde Park opened its location at The Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2008, Hyde Park completed the expansion of the Phoenix store to approximately 5,000 square feet, unveiling a contemporary, distinctive and elegant feel while keeping a very inviting atmosphere for customers.

Throughout Hyde Park's history, Hyde Park has remained actively involved in multiple philanthropic organizations that support the local communities in each of the markets that they serve. Just some of these charities include: The Children's Hospital of Denver, Denver Health Foundation, National Jewish Hospital, The Kempe Foundation, Fresh Start Women's Foundation, and many, many more. Hyde Park's own non-profit, Diamonds in the Rough has raised over $500,000 for children's causes.

"What we do in our lives shapes our purpose to our families, business and society" says Michael Pollak. "Our mission at Hyde Park is to celebrate life's precious moments by providing the finest products, staff and service to our community while exceeding expectations of quality, value and integrity."

We invite you to join us in celebrating life and all its precious moments.

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