Igor and Art Bodin

Igor Bodin grew up in Odessa, Ukraine, a bustling, cosmopolitan port on the back sea. His grandfather, Michele, was a watchmaker and when Bodin was 10 years old he began to spend time in his Grandfather's shop. When the watchmaker noticed young Igor was interested in what he was doing, he gave the boy some clocks to work on.

When Igor was fifteen, he enrolled in a school which taught jewelry and watch making. He then attended the Russian Air Force Academy and was assigned to an elite fighter squadron based in the Bokonur region. Trained as what Bodin calls, "a flying commando", he ended up flying the MIG 21 fighter planes during the border wars with China during the 1960's.

After being discharged, Bodin worked in a jewelry factory where he learned the art of hand engraving. In 1972 he married his high-school sweetheart, Galina, and their son, Arthur, was born in 1973. Igor Bodin's next job was in a retail store where he restored watches and did hand engraving. In the mid-1970's, Igor and his family left the USSR. After several years in Europe, they received their visas and emigrated to the United States.

In 1980, Bodin opened a service department in Hyde Park Jewelers, a company that was known to carry a wide selection of the world's finest timepieces. During the years that followed, Igor traveled frequently to study at the finest timepiece institutions in the world including Rolex, Ebel, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Baume Mercier and Breitling. In 2007, Igor spent a month in Geneva, Switzerland, training at the renowned Patek Philippe. Igor Bodin is recognized in the industry as being one of the finest independent watchmakers in the United States. Several articles about Igor have been written in Chronos, a magazine that specializes in the finest and most luxurious goods and services.

In 2000, after graduating from the University of Colorado School of Business, Arthur Bodin joined his father in the shop. As a way to address the rapid growth the facility had experienced over the years, Arthur's primary objective was to develop a materials inventory system and database. However, under the tutorage of his father, Arthur also chose to pursue the family tradition and become a watchmaker. Arthur took a similar path as his father and travelled to study watch making with the finest manufacturers. Arthur is a certified watchmaker for such brands as Breitling, Cartier, Panerai, Omega and Rolex. Today, Arthur's time is mostly spent at the bench, although he also very much enjoys speaking to customers about their timepieces.

Over the last 30 years, the once tiny shop has grown into a facility recognized, in the industry, as one of the finest independent timepiece restoration centers in the United States. Hyde Park Watch Services is an official authorized service center for Baume & Mercier, Breitling, Cartier, Ebel, Omega, Panerai, Tag Heuer and Rolex. Additionally, the facility is authorized by the manufacturer to perform service on brands such as Patek Philippe, Movado, Concord, Jaeger Lecoultre, Corum, Piaget, as well as many others. The shop services approximately 6,000 timepieces annually.

Since 2006, Igor and Arthur contribute to a monthly technical column for Watch and Jewelry Review magazine. Additionally, Igor and Arthur Bodin have been developing a "BODIN" timepiece. Each hand-made timepiece will be unique and created from the finest materials. They hope to further establish the Bodin name in the art and science of watch making.