Diamond Buying Service

diamond buying


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Looking to sell your diamond? Hyde Park Jewelers offers diamond buying services to assist you in getting the best value for your stone.

All diamond buying is done on a case-by-case basis, and we are happy to consider all shapes and sizes for purchase. Purchase consideration is based on overall quality of diamond as well as current market demands.

We accept both loose diamonds as well as complete jewelry pieces when considering the purchase of diamonds. Please note that in many cases, we will need to extract the diamond from a finished piece in order to accurately measure and weigh the gemstone. We have a full team of highly skilled and licensed jewelers who will facilitate this process.

When you bring your diamond in for evaluation, it is highly recommended that you provide all available paperwork, including grading report and appraisal.

For more information, please visit the Hyde Park Jewelers or Traditional Jewelers retail location nearest you for expert assistance.

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