Diamond Buying Guide

The Buying Guide for Fine Diamonds.
Mystical, yes. A mystery, never.

Diamonds will always have an air of magic about them. Enchantment. Romance. Mystique. But at Hyde Park Jewelers, we're determined to remove the mystery through diamond education.

So whether you're purchasing your first diamond or you've always been enchanted by diamonds, there are some important things we'd like you to know -- principles to keep in mind while you're making up your mind.

They're all here in our diamond buying guide.

Which is why, in addition to the four Cs of diamonds - Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity - we've added a fifth: Confidence.

Confidence that you've made the right choice and picked the very best, most beautiful diamond for your budget and your style.

Confidence like that is almost as rare as the diamond you're buying. And because it's the ideal expression of your most profound emotions, we don't take our role lightly. We're committed to helping you discover the most exquisite diamond.

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Diamond Buying Guide